Our Staff

Lakeside HOPE House Staff

We believe that the opposite of poverty is community.


Jaya James – Director  director@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help you with answering questions about how HOPE House operates and our goals for the future. As the Executive Director, I am responsible to ensure we have a clear focus and are moving towards our mission and vision. I often say that my job summed up is to move everything out of the way so my staff can do their jobs to the best of their ability.


Kristen Tilley – Operations Manager operations@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help you by answering questions about HOPE House and the details of how we got to where we are today, and what projects we are working on developing for the future. I am responsible for writing our grant applications, answering questions relating to donations, corporate sponsorships for events such as HOPE in the Street and Coldest Night of the Year, and our seasonal programs such as the Guelph Community Backpack Project, and HOPE for the Holidays.



Mary Crome – Ongoing Support Manager socialwork@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help you register for programs such as Circles®and therapeutic gardening with the Julien Project and I can tell you about other programs at HOPE house. I can also offer you social work services that are short term and solution focused.

Gillian Cornell – Immediate Relief Manager programs@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help you with finding a rewarding volunteer position. I can also help you access food, a hot Wednesday breakfast, hygiene products or clothing, and associated programming after registering through our social workers.

Bob Moore – Gift In Kind Coordinator donations@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help you with sizeable donation pick ups of food or clothing. I can also help you with Circles® Leaders Training once you have been approved by Mary or Kendra to join the Circles® program.

Kimberly Lyons – Development & Communications Lead info@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help you with any questions about the content of our social media, website, and fundraising events such as the JOY Home Tour, HOPE in the Street, and Coldest Night of the Year! I am responsible to make sure our wonderful donors get personally thanked by myself or a member of our team for your generous support.



Kendra Cooke –  Social Service Worker intake@lakesidehopehouse.ca

I can help orient you to the supports we provide and register you as a member of HOPE House. I can also help you navigate other supports and resources in the community.