The 2018 Guelph Community Backpack Project has begun!


Guelph Community Back Pack ProjectEvery year, HOPE House organizes the city-wide Back-to-School Backpack program in partnership with other community service groups. We work to ensure that as many children as possible receive brand new backpacks with those supplies needed for students to be fully prepared, helping them to feel confident as they return to school.


Through our application process, we gather information on the student’s grade in order to offer a brand new backpack and supplies customized to each and every student as they shop for their needed supplies in an affordable pay what you can back-to-school market. By owning something brand new, our kids feel that they matter, that they are valued and that they have not been overlooked or forgotten. We are simultaneously helping their school readiness as well as their state of mind and self-confidence going into a new school year.

This year the Guelph Community Back Pack Project moves to a pay-what-you-can model and will allow people to ‘shop’ for what they need. Learn more in this article by Guelph Today.


“The idea behind it is there is so much dignity in giving people the opportunity to pay,” said Tilley. “The issue is not necessarily that people don’t have the money or don’t want to pay, it’s that it so expensive. This way we are giving people the opportunity to do that if they so choose.”


Registration is open until August 7th.


No government funding is provided to complete this task and it is therefore up to you, our generous community members, to meet this growing need within Guelph.


Please consider donating to this project to ensure that all of our students feel encouraged to perform in their classes and look forward to following through on their goals and dreams for the future. Give supplies from the items list below or donate online at  Simply include backpack project in the memo or your comments. Thank you!


To register or donate please contact Mary at

The pay what you can Guelph Community Backpack Market is August 23rd from 1pm – 7pm! Everyone who registered will be able to pick your bags up at HOPE House or your local Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition. If you didn’t register in time, there will be extra backpacks and supplies available on a first come, first serve basis.