Martha: February Volunteer of the Month

Martha came to HOPE House just shy of three years ago as a Circles® Leader where she shares she has made many great connections. Circles® is a community based initiative that pairs Leaders (community members looking to lead their families out of poverty) with Allies (people of middle or upper income) in order to build intentional and supportive relationships throughout a community member’s journey in becoming self-sufficient.  Since her participation as a Leader, Martha has jumped in to offer her service in multiple creative ways!



Martha is the founder and facilitator of Yarn & Yap, a weekly program where she teaches crochet therapy and self-care. This program touches 10-12 participants a week and up to 40 people a month!



Martha also  volunteers weekly in the Café, setting up breakfast and lunch for the people that come to HOPE House. She also helps out by volunteering in the Food Market and the HOPE Stylin’ Clothing Market whenever we need an extra hand.



Due to her own success in the program, Martha has also gained paid employment as a co-facilitator for Circles® Leader training.



We are so fortunate to have her, as her love and respect for others touches people here nearly every day.



When asked how she has seen HOPE House change lives, Martha responds,



“HOPE House is such a dignified, respectful, kind organization. I have seen the help that the staff have given people. Lives are changed just by giving people dignity in choices. I’ve seen community come together and help establish safe housing for others, feeding and loving people everyday. It’s just the little things that matter so much, no matter how small.”


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