A Swimmingly Great Group of Volunteers

Guelph Gryphon Swim Team: March Volunteers of the Month

In the past year the Guelph Gryphon Swim Team have been deeply involved at HOPE House!


They organized a very large hygiene and food drive.


Every Monday swim team members volunteer in the Food Market to take community members shopping and support their dignity & choice.


They entered a team and walked with us during the Coldest Night of the Year.


We recently had the opportunity to interview Chantique Payne, Head Coach Swimming of the Athletics Department, University of Guelph and this is what she had to say about volunteering at HOPE House.



What brought you to HOPE House?


When I took over as head coach of the Guelph Gryphon Swim Team in the summer of 2017, I knew that I wanted the team to be able to give back to the community. Something more than the athletic departments annual fundraisers, I wanted something that the athletes could make a personal connection with, something where our presence could be felt in the community on a (nearly) year round basis. With such a large team, we have the capacity to make a difference, and I thought HOPE House would be a great fit.


What do you like about volunteering at HOPE House?


The biggest reason that the athletes have enjoyed volunteering at HOPE House is they feel and can see that they are making an impact. They get the chance to work with amazing and truly appreciative people. It’s immediate. It has been a humbling and life changing experience for many of them.


How have you seen HOPE House change lives?


The look on peoples faces when they are able to choose what they need for themselves and their family, that they have found a way to provide for them is something special. We all need help sometimes, and witnessing the happiness in others not only changes their lives but ours as well.

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