August Volunteer of the Month: Nathan

Nathan is unstoppable. 23 years of beating cancer and a hearing impairment has not stopped Nathan from being one of the hardest working and dedicated volunteers HOPE House has. Whether it’s breaking down boxes, bringing in donations, stocking the shelves in the Food Market or sorting backpacks, Nathan is there on top of it. When as how he came to volunteer at HOPE House he responds, “I came here everyday for a visit, then got asked to help with lifting and unloading the truck. I am a hard worker so was asked if I wanted to volunteer”.


A regular participant in The Julien Project, a collaborative healthy living program run in partnership with HOPE House, Nathan enjoys exploring his creative side in their garden.


Nathan shares that, in HOPE House he has found a place to make friends and to be a friend to others sharing “I love what I do…the people and the environment”.


We are proud to have Nathan as part of our volunteer family.


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