A warm, welcoming community space at Lakeside HOPE House in Guelph

Positive relationships are vital to our health and happiness.


Friendships shelter us in times of need. Kind words and laughter can break through feelings of isolation.


Without these types of relationships, a person’s mental well being can suffer. Loneliness can even affect your longevity.


Friends gather at the Lakeside HOPE House cafe in Guelph

HOPE House operates and advocates on the belief the poverty, food insecurity, inequality, health and community are all interconnected. Our café is a place where everyone in our community can enjoy a warm beverage, fill up on nutritious food, and build healthy relationships with others. These types of connections can be instrumental in lifting people out of poverty.


Over the years, we’ve watched community members from all walks of life bond and form wonderful friendships at our café – and we look forward to seeing many more.


What’s On the Menu?

The cafe at Lakeside HOPE House in Guelph serves up warm beverages, fresh bread, and friendship

  • Support and friendship beyond socioeconomic boundaries. The café welcomes people from across the Guelph community and encourages communication across social and economic classes.
  • Hot coffee and tea. Our volunteers are happy to serve you a mug of your favourite hot beverage (with a side of good conversation.)
  • Fresh bread and goodies. Thanks to our generous friends at COBS Bread, the café now serves delicious baked foods straight out of the oven. Like us, COBS Bread recognizes the importance of strong community connections – we can’t think of a better partnership!

Café Hours

The café at Lakeside HOPE House is open Monday to Thursday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.


The café is closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


How You Can Help

HOPE House welcome volunteers who wish to help prepare food and run the café, or simply drop in and spend time with others. Just getting to know someone over a cup of coffee can be a powerful way to create warmth and spread kindness in the Guelph community.


For volunteer inquiries, please contact Gillian Cornell, Immediate Relief Manager at


Like all our programs at Lakeside HOPE House, the café relies on the support of the community. You can help us by donating here.

Friends new and old gather to enjoy music at the Lakeside HOPE House cafe in Guelph.