Christmas Hampers: Update and “Thank You’s”

Once again this Christmas Season saw Christmas Hampers in full swing at HOPE House. With months of prep work, a dedicated staff team, and with the help of some amazing community partners, we were able to package and deliver over 370 Christmas Hampers to families in need; each one containing the fixings of a wonderful holiday meal, extra groceries and presents for the families with children.


Hundreds of People Come to Package Hampers at Lakeside Church

For those who have never heard or been part of Christmas Hamper day, it is an amazing sight to see. On December 20, hundreds of volunteers from the community gathered together at Lakeside Church to help package every hamper individually, each one double and triple checked to make the families were properly supplied. It’s incredible to see so many different members of the community come together with one unified goal—to help give Christmas to families in our community.

So many of our clients took the time to thank us for their hamper—and we are happy to serve each one—but we also know that they are truly thanking all of those who helped make this wonderful event possible, and we would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to thank you either. It might be a simple phrase, and one cannot truly express the depth of our gratitude, but we just have to give a great bigTHANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

For helping supply the hampers we need to thank Cargill, Sysco, Speroway, Food Basics (Claire Rd.), and Guelph Community Health (they provided dental hygiene packs for everyone). We also have to give a big thanks to Target who supplied gift cards for that larger families and allowed some of their staff to come volunteer with us.

Speaking of volunteers, we also need to thank all the men, women and children who came to pack and deliver hampers. The job is massive each year and we loved spending the day with you as we worked together. Special thanks to Perkin Elmer and The Elliott who had members of their staff come as a team to help us!

We also have to thank Guelph Nissan, RBC, Ferraro & Steele, Sutherland Insurance, Lakeside Church and hundreds of other donors whose generosity has made a real difference in the community this Christmas. Guelph is such a giving place and we feel so blessed to be part of this community.


Panoramic View of the Filled Christmas—370 of them!

From our team to all of you thanks for helping offer HOPE.

If you would like to see more photos from the event, please check out the album here.

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