Collaboration is key to excellent service provision. 

There are so many exciting collaborations happening at HOPE House, created to benefit community members!


We think you’ll be amazed at the variety and quality of services being provided to us by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health and by volunteers like John and Bonnie. Please join us in celebrating their gifts and talents.


Meet Jackie, our new Nurse Practitioner (above). Jackie will be joining us Mondays from 12 – 1:30pm to perform primary health care on a drop in basis.


Specializing in episodic treatment, community members and their families are welcome to visit Jackie for ailments such as sore throat, injuries, ear infections, that sort of thing.


Deb, our friendly neighbourhood Public Health Nurse is with us Monday’s 9-11am and Thursdays 2-4pm to perform sexual health and health testing on a drop in basis.


We are also delighted to welcome John, an experienced and licenced Paralegal who donates his services to HOPE House community members every Monday from 2:30 to 4:30pm, by appointment.


John helps with: filling out forms, getting the social assistance that a member is entitled to, guiding a member through insurance settlements, and giving advice on negotiating debt settlement.


Finally, Bonnie, our resident Registered Acupuncturist, is here Tuesdays from 1 – 3:30pm.


Acupuncture treatment is an effective support tool for many common ailments including pain, stiffness, inflammation, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression and addiction support. Bonnie asks for a donation of $2 to $3 to cover costs.


To make an appointment with John or Bonnie please call 519-265-4299.


It truly takes a village to ensure the well-being of every member. We are proud to partner with so many gifted individuals to bring the best front line services to HOPE House. 


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