Come Together to Fight Hunger

The 2019 Give 30 campaign for Guelph which supports HOPE House runs now until August 31, 2019.


There are many ways to raise funds to give. For example, if you’re fasting for Ramadan, tally up your lunch and coffee money saved during the month and give that amount. Or, if you’re not fasting, brown bag your lunch and give the money you saved during the month.  It might be a small change for 30 days, but it can make a difference for those who are in need.


Donate today here:



The story of how Give 30 came to partner with HOPE House is serendipitous and, of course, starts with relationship. 


Anees Munshi is a HOPE House Food Market volunteer who came to know about us from his good friends Steve and Vera Dyck.


“My wife and I volunteered at the Food Market and fell in love with what you do. After that it was easy. As a Muslim I am obligated to give 2.5% of my savings in charity every year. This is called Zakat. [HOPE House] make[s] it easy for me knowing that this money is put to not just good use, but really important use. I can rest assured that a key pillar of my faith, my zakat, is in good hands…it blows me away how carefully HOPE House deploys its funds and how thoughtfully run the programs are.”


Anees, in turn, introduced Jaya to Ziyaad Mia, the founder of Give 30, “knowing that the synergy was obvious”.


“Jaya [and I] hit it off right away once we had a telephone chat – our ideas and values seem to be in synch” says Ziyaad. “When I did my due diligence on HOPE House, I was impressed with the work that’s done and the character in how that work is done.  Those values aligned with my own and the positive work in the community is what this is all about.  So, Give 30 and HOPE House seemed like a perfect fit.”


Give 30 is a unique movement built on inclusion, compassion and the simple principle that we ought to help others regardless of who we are, or who they are.  Their values are rooted in universalism, seeking to transcend difference and division to bring people of good will together in common cause and common humanity (



Ziyaad Mia – Give 30 Founder



Give 30 grew out of a little idea I’ve had since I was a child”, shares Ziyaad, “to do something rooted in good and social justice that transcended the notions that humans have traditionally used to divide themselves: race, religion, class, economic status, etc.  I felt that Ramadan’s practical call to empathy and social solidarity could be a powerful tool to mobilize all sorts of people to the common cause of addressing hunger and poverty.


One of the key reasons that people fast during Ramadan is to have experiential empathy with those who may not have some of the blessings we do.  The hunger pangs of fasting ought to be a tool for social solidarity and mobilization to do good.”


In 2012 Ziyaad developed and launched Give 30.


“While I had pie-in-the-sky ambitions for it, they weren’t rooted in reality.  I had one partner (Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto), a homemade website and no resources to spread the word.  So, I hustled for earned media attention and that helped take the Give 30 message to a broader audience beyond simply my own networks.  That’s how things got rolling, and between media stories and social media word-of-mouth, and old-fashioned word-of-mouth, the little campaign grew and grew.”


Today, Give 30 supports 17 organizations that address hunger and poverty in Canada, the United States and Australia.  And, it has raised close to $1 million so far, demonstrating that small ideas can work and grow, if we only try.


Give 30 it totally volunteer-run. Ziyaad runs the campaign from Toronto and has amazing supporters and volunteers across the country and around the world who keep it rolling in their communities.


“Give 30 has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life.”



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