Community Breakfast

Every Wednesday morning volunteers led by Community Living prepare a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, sausage and pancakes for approximately 80 – 120 people.

Food is served family style, brought to the tables on platters to be shared among community. Community breakfast is a program that brings friends together for their weekly social catch up, to celebrate birthdays and honour the deaths of community members.

It’s an opportunity to not only ensure people are eating a hot, well-balanced meal, but it connects them to our social service workers and, potentially, to further systems navigation.

Two Volunteers putting plates on long table

Volunteer pouring pancake batter into measuring cup

pancakes cooking on griddle

Two clients sitting at table eating

The community breakfast is also a wonderful volunteer and sponsorship opportunity.

According to the breakfast volunteer group from IG Wealth Management, “Besides the obvious of doing good work and making our community better, the volunteering experience at HOPE House is a great opportunity to bring family/friends/colleagues together”.

To volunteer please contact Gillian at
To sponsor a breakfast for $200 please contact Mary at

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