Guelph’s Plan to Help the Homeless and Food Insecure Population During COVID-19

Food Delivery & Counselling Appointment Requests – May 5, 2020

To request an appointment at HOPE House for the food market (delivery provided), or for counselling (online or by phone), please fill our intake form.



Food Market Update – April 8, 2020

HOPE House’s Food Market operates on an appointment-based system. The first step is to register with HOPE House as a community member. You will be asked for your source(s) of income, but there is no income testing or eligibility criteria other than being a resident of Guelph or Wellington County. The registration process is in place to support reporting and tracking purposes.


Registration can be done by emailing The Intake Worker will email you a form to download, fill in, and email back. If you do not have access to a computer, you can register over the phone (519-265-4299) with one of the intake staff (Bang Ly or Bob Moore) – Monday to Wednesday from 9 am to 4 pm and Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm.


Registered community members can book a food market appointment once each month by calling 519-265-4299 ext. 21 or emailing reception@lakesidehopehouse.caDuring COVID-19, we are delivering food orders. Prior to your food market appointment, you will be contacted by HOPE House to take your grocery order. The order will then be packed and delivered to your home the day and time of your scheduled food market appointment.

HOPE House COVID Update – April 2, 2020

Donate to the Guelph Community Foundation’s COVID Fund and help our community Respond, Recover, and Rebuild. By donating to this fund, you will be helping not just HOPE House, but our community partners at the Royal City Mission, Drop In Centre, Wyndham House and the Guelph Community Health Centre as we provide support and relief to our community members.


With increasing job layoffs and financial insecurity for months to come, more community members need your support. With your help, we can keep the shelves stocked and provide vital food support to those most in need.


You can help by providing monetary donations in order for us to purchase food in bulk, or donate food and hygiene items directly to HOPE House. In order to support social distancing initiatives, please consider having a donation grocery order delivered to HOPE House, instead of dropping off food and hygiene items in person. The delivery address for HOPE House is 10 Cork Street East, Guelph.


The items most needed in our community are:



  • Cereals (hot and cold)
  • Canned fish and meats
  • Pasta (any variety – bagged, canned, Kraft Dinner, etc.)
  • Rice (preferably 8 kg bags)
  • Canned tomato-based products (diced, crushed, paste, pasta sauce, etc.)
  • Beans and lentils (all varieties)
  • School Snacks (applesauce/fruit cups, puddings, granola bars)
  • Infant/baby formula
  • Baby rice cereals


  • Bar soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Adult incontinence supplies
  • Infant diapers (sizes 4, 5, 6)
  • Feminine sanitary pads (all sizes)
  • Household cleaners (all varieties)
  • Laundry detergent

Need more information about donating to HOPE House?

Update – March 19th, 2020

Change in Meal Service at The Drop In Centre


As organizations dedicated to serving those who are vulnerable, we have to consider who is the most vulnerable and work to protect them.

We will be doing additional screening for all who attend meals currently being served at The Drop In, not only for symptom of Covid 19, but also for their housing situation. Those who are housed will not be able to come in for a meal, however, we will be providing ‘take away’ meals, along with the Drop In at 11 am, 2 pm and evening meals (Monday -Thursday 7 pm, Friday 6 pm, Saturday 6 pm).


Please see our other partners for food that you can prepare in your home.

Kevin Coghill
Lead Pastor | Royal City Mission

Guelph’s Plan to Help the Homeless and Food Insecure Population During COVID-19

March 18th, 2020


As a community we at the Royal City Mission, Drop In Centre, Hope House, Wyndham House and the Guelph Community Health Centre are combining resource efforts to meet the needs of vulnerable community members during our COVID-19 response. We will be supported with food from Guelph CHC’s SEED program, funding from the County of Wellington and by generous members of our community.


To see this document as a .pdf, click here: Guelph’s plan to Support Homeless Individuals during COVID 19 FINAL 0318


At this time all food will be received and prepared in partnership with the Royal City Mission and will be made available at the Drop-In Centre, 23 Gordon St.

Adults or seniors

  • The Drop In Centre will be open 24 hours a day where meals will be provided at 11 am, 2 pm and 7 pm. Food will continue to be made available throughout the overnight hour. These hours will continue until April 15, 2020
  • Stepping Stone Men’s Shelter will be open 24 hours a day as soon as scheduling allows.


  •  The Wyndham House Youth Shelter located at 18 Norwich St. E. is now open 24 hours a day and all meals will be provided. For more information call 519-837-3892. Please note: The downtown youth hub is being temporarily closed as of March 18th to allow for staffing reallocation to support the expanded service hours at the youth emergency shelter. Wyndham House Administrative office (519-822-4400) is closed to visitors at this time.

Women and children

  • Dwelling Place Shelter for Women and Children is now open 24 hours a day.


Support and grocery items will be available. To book an appointment, please call HOPE House at 1 (519) 265-4299 or email or private message us on Facebook.


  • The Guelph CHC’s Downtown and Shelldale locations remain open for scheduled, urgent medical appointments. Wherever possible, care is being provided virtually.
  • A registered nurse and in reach worker are onsite daily at Guelph CHC’s downtown location to provide health care and support to our most vulnerable community members, including those who are homeless.
  • Nurse Practitioners continue to provide regular walk-in outreach clinics at the Welcome in Drop In Centre. Outreach Workers from the SOS and Welcoming Streets teams continue to provide modified supports.
  • Consumption and Treatment Services remain open regular hours, now relocated to the lower level of Guelph CHC’s downtown location to provide for enhanced distancing and infection control.


  • Food donations (including fresh and prepared foods) will be received at the Royal City Mission, 50 Quebec Street.
  • Hygiene and grocery items will be received at HOPE House from 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Thursday.
  • Financial donations will be accepted through a coordinated community fund. Please watch this space for details!
  • To volunteer or for more information
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