Become a Friend of HOPE House


Become a Friend of HOPE House

Friends of HOPE House are individuals who support our mission through monthly Pre-Authorized Giving. They provide a stable foundation supporting our ongoing operations.


Give HOPE to a family in need! Think for a moment of just how much you have to enjoy — a delicious family meal at home each night; trips to a local restaurant; a grocery cart brimming with food each time you shop. Now imagine the many families who don’t know what that feels like. Sponsoring a family in need each month enables them to enjoy just a small taste of what you enjoy every day.


Become a “Friend of HOPE House” and support the work of HOPE House on a monthly basis through Pre-Authorized Giving. To become a Friend, click here.


Make sure, as a Friend of HOPE House, that you check out our blog and newsletter for regular updates on the work we are doing and to see the value of your contributions.


Thanks for partnering with us. Together we can make a difference!