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Dear Dr. Dignity,


There’s so much going on in the world right now regarding social justice for marginalized folks. What is HOPE House doing to help fight the good fight in Guelph? 




Hi Emile,


This question has come up a lot lately, which makes sense – Guelph just had an amazing Protest March in Support of Black Lives Matter on June 6th in downtown Guelph, and June is Pride Month here in Canada. It’s so encouraging to hear that our community is keen to participate in changing our culture for the better. The next Black Lives Matter protest in the area is in Fergus on June 20th, starting at noon at Victoria Park.


HOPE House stands firm on our core values – Dignity, Belonging, and Advocacy.  


Dignity – We believe every person matters.

Belonging – We offer a community that welcomes and encourages people where they can receive immediate relief and ongoing support.

Advocacy – We advocate with and amplify the voices of people living in poverty.


We understand that marginalized people disproportionately experience poverty, having less access to opportunities and resources. The lack of access to opportunities and resources perpetuates the cycle of poverty, and results in marginalized people being over-represented in vulnerable populations. At HOPE House, we are here to offer support and a hand up in a dignified manner to every person who needs us. 


To that end, we have partnered with the Guelph Heritage Hall during Black history month to put together a production called “Why We Can’t Wait” – a jazz and blues concert that was to act as a reminder that throughout history people living on the margins have been asked to wait to receive what is rightfully due every person, such as being recognized as humans, voting rights, and access to the necessities of life. 


We have also written, published, and adhere to a public statement of commitment to indigenous inclusion and safety.


Several representatives from HOPE House, including Jaya James, our Executive Director, attended the Protest March in Support of Black Lives Matter on June 6th. I, Dr. Dignity, identify as an LGBT+ woman of colour, and I can tell you that I found it so inspiring and empowering to march alongside members and allies of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) community. I am proud to have joined my voice with hundreds of others to demand we change what is broken in our system.



Thank you so much for your stance for social justice in our community, and stay awesome, Emile!


Doctor Dignity


Our community members are priceless and they deserve the very best!


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