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Hey Doc Dignity!


I’m an international student at the U of G and I’m done my degree this August and heading back home. It’s going to cost a fortune to fly all my stuff home, so I’m looking to donate as much of it as possible. What kind of stuff can I donate to HOPEHouse?




Dear Liang,


Thanks so much for thinking of HOPE House and congrats on finishing university! 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are only accepting limited clothing donations at the moment, including: 


  • Adult shirts (t-shirts, tank tops, short-sleeved casual shirts)
  • Adult shorts
  • Rain/spring lightweight jackets
  • Running shoes
  • Sandals
  • New underwear

When we return to full services, after the pandemic has subsided, we’re happy to accept all seasonally appropriate, gently used clothing for both adults and children, as well as towels, bed sheets, blankets and pillow cases. 


Clothing that is too worn to be donated to our Clothing Market, including used socks and underwear, can be marked for shredding and dropped off at the HOPE House. We’ll collect payment for having the clothing shredded and help decrease textile waste in our landfills at the same time. 


If you have school supplies that are new or are in very good condition (such as binders, dividers, notebooks, pencil cases, calculators, math sets, pens, pencils, pencil crayons, erasers, rulers, lined paper, and locks) we can use them for the Backpack Project which provides a new backpack filled with school supplies to over 1,000 children in the Guelph area every September. 


While we can’t accept donations of furniture, we can definitely accept scrap metal, e-waste, and wine and beer bottles through Scrapgoat, a service that donates all proceeds to the HOPE House. Scrapgoat even provides free pick-up services, so long as the items can be accessed without stairs. Or you can drop off items in the designated Scrapgoat bins at Lakeside Central (by the church in the north end) at 7654 Conservation Rd.


Scrapgoat collects anything metal, mostly metal or that has a cord coming out of it (even if it is coated in plastic, inside has metal in order to be electrical), 6- and 12-volt batteries, lead (which is almost 100% recyclable), and e-waste including computers, appliances like vacuum cleaners, toasters, etc.


Contact Ed Ross, founder of Scrapgoat at 519-835-4791 or check out Scrapgoat on Facebook


Bring clothing and school supplies to 10 Cork St. E,  Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm.
Our volunteer receptionists are waiting to greet you! 


Stay awesome, Liang!


Doctor Dignity


Our community members are priceless and they deserve the very best!


Do you have a question for Dr. Dignity? Send it to info@lakesidehopehouse.ca.

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