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Dear Dr. Dignity,


I’m doing my spring cleaning and I have a box of used clothing that my family has outgrown. I’m really struggling with figuring out what clothes are “good enough” for donation. I really hate waste and I don’t want to throw out anything that might be able to be reused. Please give me some guidance.




Dear Sanjee,

Spring cleaning is a great time to think about making a donation to HOPE House. 


Our Clothing Market is set up like a store where community members can go “shopping” for clothing for themselves and their families. New and gently used items are great. Stained, threadbare, or damaged clothes are not suitable for donation to the clothing market, and we definitely do not accept used socks and underwear (gently used bras are ok). 


Old clothes make up about 5-8% of our landfills, so I love that you’re passionate about not adding to all that waste. HOPE House can still benefit from waste clothing that’s not suitable for donation to the Clothing Market, by sending it to be shredded and collecting payment for it. Shredded clothes can be used for building materials, insulation, fuel bricks, carpet padding, and can even be recycled back into fabric and become new clothes all over again. 


The most important thing is to donate separately to the Clothing Market and shredding program. Clearly mark on the box or bag what is for donation to the Clothing Market and what is for shredding so that our volunteers can get the highest quality clothing on the shelves as quickly as possible to meet our community members’ needs. The HOPE House provides support to over 1,100 households and our Clothing Market had over 2,500 visitors last year alone. That’s a lot of clothes for our volunteers to sort through, so having clothes already separated upon donation is really appreciated.


Stay awesome, Sanjee!

Doctor Dignity

Our community members are priceless and they deserve the very best!


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