Early Start Family Literacy Fosters School Success


Meet Brenda MacDonald, facilitator of Early Start Family Literacy program run in partnership with Action Read. Brenda is a teacher with many years experience working with preschoolers. Literacy and books are her passion. She works with children ages 0-6 and their parents or caregivers to foster the skills children need to succeed in kindergarten. School success is a key avenue to breaking the cycle of poverty and is dependent upon preschool skills such as socializing with others, taking turns, language development, having a love of books and of reading, being familiar with letters and the alphabet, counting, and identifying colours and opposites. These developmental milestones are the kind of skills that children who go to daycare or nursery program will have the advantage of nurturing. Early Start Family Literacy is a way to ensure that children who don’t have the opportunity to go to full time daycare also have the opportunity to develop those preschool skills.



Brenda believes that children learn best when their parents or caregivers are involved in all of their learning experiences with them. Experiences such as reading to your preschooler, drawing, scribbling, and engaging in conversation are ways children learn the skills they’ll need to eventually read and write. Brenda is able to refer parents and caregivers that need literacy help to other Action Read programs.


There are two primary elements to the Early Start Family Literacy program: free play and circle time. Play, talking, communication, singing, and reading are the primary components offered to help children develop their literacy skills. A snack is included. The program is free and takes place on Friday mornings 9:30-11:30am in the HOPE House gymnasium. Stroller accessible entry is available at 7 Church Lane. Take the elevator to the 1st floor. Come on out and join in the fun! All are welcome!


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