Everyone Deserves Dental Care! Let’s Make it Happen Together!


In Ontario, 1 in 5 people do not visit a dentist due to the cost. Every 9 minutes someone goes to a hospital emergency room and every 3 minutes someone goes to a doctors office due to dental problems. The immediate impact of inaccessibility to dental care is pain and suffering. The long-term impact is often much greater as a lack of access to dental care often results in individuals struggling to obtain and maintain employment due to poor physical appearance resulting from missing or discoloured teeth.


The Ontario Oral Health Alliance is taking its annual forum to Queens Park March 21st in preparation for the June 7th election. Their proposal calls for public dental programs that work towards prevention, treatment, emergency dental services and dentures to be funded by the Ontario government for low income adults and seniors who have no dental insurance. They also ask for a mixed model of public and private dental care delivery to be funded and made accessible in Community Health Centres, Public Health Units, Aboriginal Health Access Centres and any other community organizations (rural and remote communities included) that serve low income adults, seniors, and children.


Our thoughts and support are with the Ontario Oral Health Alliance today and we have written our local MPPs and Premier advocating on behalf of their proposal!


What can we all do to ensure everyone has access to dental care?


As the June election draws closer, please raise the issue of accessible oral health care for all people with your running candidates! Together we can make a difference!

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