Faith, hope and love drive November’s Volunteers of the Month

In the spring of 2019 Lakeside church formed a “garden team” to grow produce for HOPE House, and while produce had been grown there for several years already, this was the first year the garden was operated solely under Lakeside’s own volunteer base.


Approximately 12 people came forward to volunteer for reasons other than having an interest in gardening, and that was HOPE House! As one of our volunteers described her experience “I was trying to get connected to the Lakeside Community and love gardening…so I became part of the gardening team! Such a blessing that our efforts and the bounty from the garden  blessed HOPE House. Being part of the team, blessed ME!” Carla.


Lakeside Church is also what brought me to HOPE House. In 2013 was looking for a place to volunteer and began in the edu-kitchen teaching cooking skills.  For six years I was able to donate a portion of soap sales from my home business, the Hope Soap Company. When I became a gramma in 2018 to our precious grandson Denver, I began searching for a volunteer opportunity that was very flexible, allowing me to be his caregiver when needed.  I have always believed in the mission of HOPE House; I enjoy working along side other volunteers and chatting to people who access their services.


HOPE House offers community which is one of their greatest attributes. Knowing we are not alone in our struggles, that there is a safe place where people can meet, and that also offers vital services all help to create hope. Lives are changed when we have someone to relate with, when we can access clothing, affordable hair care and food items. Hope can be found over a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup. Why is that? I believe there are three reasons; faith, hope and love. Hope is the ability to form a positive image of what you cannot yet see. Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it is assurance and anticipation. Faith is activated by hope. Love is what drives our hope and faith. It’s what we all long for; it is essential-the greatest need!  It is why I chose to have this verse printed on each box of Hope Soap. I associated it to HOPE House but also in my own life.


“Three things last forever, faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love”. 1 Cor.13:13. It is a pleasure really, to give of our time in this small way. It is a blessing, in a huge way to have a place of hope!


Mary Rose Lord,

2019 Garden volunteer co-ordinator


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