Food Drive and Harvest of HOPE: The Results Are In!

photo(9)This October we once again held a Food Drive within the community, asking you, our fellow Guelphites, for your help to restock our shelves in order that we could help those struggling with food insecurity. We are always amazed by the generosity that you display, and this year was certainly no exception.

We went in with the goal of saying “5000lbs would be great” and would help make a real difference in our fight against hunger and food insecurity. We laid out the challenge, and boy, did you guys respond.

We are happy to announce that our October Food Drive brought in over 30900lbs of food and product donations that will go directly to helping those in need within this community. This represents food for hundreds of families who will directly benefit from your generosity.

We appreciate the time, effort and cost so many put in to purchase great quality (and nutritious) food for our community! Thank you for all you do.

We have also just finished up harvesting our plot of land, in partnership with Bayer Crop Science, and the last of the produce has come through our doors.This year we grossed a total of 42150lbs of farm-fresh produce that built health and wellness into our clients lives. 13410lbs of this we shared with other service provider agencies through our CROP initiative (Community Resource Outreach Program); the rest was used to bless HOPE House.

One of biggest jophoto(15)ys in this farming process was seeing the over 40 different volunteers who shared over 250 hours of their time harvesting the produce for our Food Market. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for those who gave of themselves and their resources so that healthy, fresh food could be available to the people who so desperately need it.

What a great season and what wonderful work—thank you all for your continued support. We truly could not do this without you!

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