Founder of HOPE Stylin’ Salon honoured at community led fundraiser

For HOPE Stylin’ Salon founder, Pam Urry, a new salon means a fresh new start.


“It’ll enable my customers to have more dignity and self-respect” she beams.


On October 19 Valentini Hair Design, with the help of Heather from RBC Dominion Securities, organized the HOPE House Hair Affair hosted at the Frank Hasenfratz Centre for Excellence to raise money for a new and accessible hair salon at HOPE House. The event featured food by Foodies Anonymous, live entertainment by Guelph Youth Symphony Orchestra “Valet” youth jazz band and a special performance by the Robb Nash Project, an immersive concert experience that addresses topics related to mental health such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, bullying and suicidal ideation.


Everything about the fundraiser was a delight for Pam, “The appetizers were to die for” she gushes, “and the wine and the symphony and the string quartet, I mean I’ve never been so wowed in my life. The speech went great and I got to sit in the VIP section, and Valentini’s were just fantastic. Derrick and Julio couldn’t have greeted me with more open arms”.


A raffle where guests could purchase needed items for the salon was a big part of the night.


Pam smiles a big, broad smile as she starts listing off the items that were purchased, “A new chair, a new sink, new trolley, towels, Matrix products. I mean everything, everything brand new”.


Is this going to be your dream salon, I ask her, knowing she’s worked at Elizabeth Arden in the past. “Absolutely! This is going to be my salon! Our salon! HOPE House is just going to skyrocket. We’re going to be the best of the best of the best. Everyone wins”.


When asked how she feels about the salon being built because people know and resonate with the story of her son’s suicide she shares, “I can’t believe it, I want to pinch myself. I am so amazed that my story of this woman from Echo Bay, population 500, got such an honour”.


For Pam the most rewarding part of the night occurred when a young woman approached Robb Nash and said “I was thinking of committing suicide and now I’m not”. Pam’s continues, “My husband went and said, “My son, my son, thank you” and that’s why I had to leave early. That night saved someone’s life, is what it did. And I love that we talked about suicide and bullying too”.


Following the event, Valentini Hair Design had this to say,


We at Valentini Hair Design are feeling sincere joy with the kindness and support of our generous community in Guelph with our HOPE House, Hair Affair Event. When we heard from Meg Dunning from the Guelph Downtown Business Association about HOPE House and the work Pam Urry does with their salon, HOPE Stylin’, and all of the other programs HOPE House offers we knew we wanted to get on board to help them create a salon space that is welcoming and more accessible. Sometimes the hardest, saddest, tragedies you may encounter in life can bring out a new path that helps heal, support, and grow others.


Pam is loved here at HOPE House and this isn’t our first feature story about her. To read about how Pam came to first volunteer at HOPE House please visit



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