HOPE House Angels: February Volunteers of the Month

Formerly under the auspices of Community Living, the now newly named HOPE House Angels have loved heading up the Wednesday Community Breakfast for almost 3 years, teaching local Guelph company’s, politicians, university & high school groups, and service clubs how to cook, serve and clean-up eggs, pancakes, sausage, toast and beverages. With steadfastness and lots of laughter the group comes in week after week and serves up to 125 members of the Guelph community a hot, healthy meal while turning hierarchy on its head.




One of the team members Whitney (as seen above) is well on her way to being a supervisor (the second in a team of 5) which takes the ability to teach, train and oversee the pancake area for new groups coming in.


When asked “what do you like about volunteering for HOPE House”, Whitney shares,


“I feel confident. The HOPE House people  make me feel like I’m included.”


Already adept at public speaking Whitney has a job working part-time with the Guelph Police Services as a receptionist. When asked to describe a typical Wednesday, Whitney says,


“I get here at 8:15 am by bus to help with Community Breakfast. Then I go to work right after at the Police Station. I’ve been with them 7 years. I started in 2014. My department is administrative. I work with the executive assistant. I answer emails, do incoming and outgoing mail, and deliver mail to everyone in the office. I work part time there.”


Whitney and the HOPE House Angel volunteer team are living proof of how people with visible disabilities work, are active in their community and thrive. We absolutely could not do what we do here every Wednesday morning without them and are very thankful for their ongoing support and commitment.


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