HOPE Smiles

Dr. Yabut with a clientTaking steps to break the cycle of poverty takes courage and confidence. Within our Circles® program, community members find encouragement to do so through their built relationships with middle-class families, and are taught how to utilize the resources available to them. With the compassion of Dr. Yabut Dentistry, HOPE Smiles provides Circles® Leaders (community members leading themselves and their families out of poverty) assistance in attaining their goals by providing them with dental care they could not otherwise afford.


In Ontario, 1 in 5 people do not visit a dentist due to the cost. Every 9 minutes someone goes to a hospital emergency room and every 3 minutes someone goes to a doctors office due to dental problems.


The immediate impact of inaccessibility to dental care is pain and suffering. The long-term impact is often much greater as a lack of access to dental care can limit employment opportunities due to poor physical appearance from missing or discoloured teeth. In maintaining a healthy smile, HOPE Smiles  Circles® Leaders are provided with the sense of dignity they need in order to move forward in their search for jobs or continued education.


Group of Hope Smiles ClientsCommunity member, Airin, shared her HOPE Smiles experience:


“I hadn’t had a cleaning since I was a child. The last time I was able to see a dentist was to have teeth pulled because they were causing me pain. I believed seeing the dentist for cleanings was a luxury I would never be able to afford, then, amazing people created the funding so that I could access dental care. If I had not had the cleanings provided by this program I would have lost my teeth due to plaque build up. I’m fortunate to not have cavities, but my gums were in poor condition. Having my teeth cleaned felt so good! My teeth felt clean and it gave me the confidence to smile and face the world.”


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