Human Rights Day: Advocating for Opportunities for All

When our Social Worker and Social Intake Worker register a new community member, they always let the person know that we at HOPE House believe everyone comes into the world with a gift to contribute, and that our community is stronger, brighter and better with their gifts in it. They always ask,


“What brings you here today?”


Recently one new community member responded with the quote above and Mary, our Social Worker, just had to share it with the team. We can’t tell you what effect this had on all of us. Maybe, as a supporter of HOPE House, it has a similar effect on you.


This is why we do what we do.


Perhaps it’s also why you support our mission.


On this #HumanRightsDay we call on our government to help make these sort of accomplishments and transformations more accessible to all. This person’s story shouldn’t be a one off celebration, but an ongoing opportunity for everyone who needs a hand up.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.


When poverty alleviation is delivered in community and approached with dignity, compassion and encouragement, lives change.


Today and everyday we #StandUpForHumanRights


Learn more about Human Rights Day here;


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