I Know What to Eat, I Just Can’t Afford It: Part II

As we come to the week’s closing we, once more, want to thank everyone who purchased a BBQ raffle ticket to support our EduKitchen program. You know what our EduKitchen program entails if you read our prior post, ‘I Know What to Eat, I Just Can’t Afford It: Part I‘. Now we present a short story of one of our community members as an example of just how imperative access to fresh produce is to people who live on limited income and social assistance.


Shari came to Lakeside HOPE House after losing her partner and her housing. Shari, tall and slender with a dry wit that can find humour in even the darkest of places, has come to be a significant member of our community. Shari found healing and meaning as she participated in our various programs and gave her time volunteering in the Food Market. Shari lives on a fixed income. She has exceptional budgeting skills and has built a stable life for herself with what she has. Sadly, her income is not sufficient to cover her nutritional needs.


Shari experiences a B12 deficiency, lactose and gluten intolerance and hypoglycemia. Shari knows the key to managing her health is eating a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. However, without HOPE House, on her income, she doesn’t have any hope of accessing the foods she needs.


Shari is extremely thankful for everything that she receives and says she would be lost without the resources offered at HOPE House – particularly the produce that is offered during our Make Together Lunch on Mondays, and through our Food Market.



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