JOY Home Tour introduces new Co-chairs

Choose JOY is the theme for this year’s JOY Home tour!


Joy is not the same as happiness, which can be fleeting. You can have happy moments, but still not experience joy as a lifestyle. Joy is deeper, richer, fuller and cannot be taken away. HOPE House supports people who are going through tough times, but many of whom experience JOY in the way that they respond to the circumstances of their lives. This year’s committee is dedicated to ensuring that HOPE House can continue that work by raising funds through this home tour – Anitra Ensing-Hofstee and Jenny Hilborn, Co-Chairs, 2018 JOY Home Tour. 


“Prior to beginning our planning of the home tour, we had the honour of touring HOPE House.  It was deeply meaningful and opened our eyes to the needs of our community and the valuable services that HOPE House provides,”  explains Anitra who will be working alongside Jenny as the new co-chairs of the JOY Home Tour.


Anitra’s role will be to oversee administration and organization. This includes responsibilities such as overseeing ticket booklet development, ticket sales, volunteer organization, finances, social media, sponsorship and pre-tour gala planning.


Jenny brings with her 10 years of Interior Design experience. She is strongly engaged within the community and current real estate market. Her responsibilities include finding and connecting with willing homeowners to showcase their home on the tour and appointing decorators and designers to these homes. 


I am excited to lead and support the JOY tour team into another wonderful year of continued success,” exclaims Jenny.


Antira shares, “I hope to build on the past successes of the tour by continuing to foster existing relationships and develop new relationships with the ultimate goal of raising funds to support the important work of HOPE House in the Guelph community”.


We are very thankful to Anitra and Jenny for their volunteerism and excellent leadership in championing this years JOY Home Tour Committee!


This years JOY Home Tour will be held November 15th – 17th. Tickets will go on sale in October.


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