July Volunteers of the Month: Judy & Nancy

Judy and Nancy have been friends for a long time, since their senior year of high school…”now we get to spend every Tuesday morning together laughing and having fun and giving back” Judy grins.

Judy attends Lakeside Church, so knew about HOPE House and felt a “nudge” to volunteer here. She started volunteering about a year ago in the Food Market, then made her way to the Cafe to prepare breakfasts on Tuesdays.  


A serious health issue gave Nancy the time and opportunity to decide that she would like to move up her planned retirement by a year.  Fortunately everything turned out well, and it was then that she made the decision to give something back to society, but, she shares, she wasn’t sure what appealed to her.  She decided to join her “bestie” volunteering in the HOPE House Food Market.


While on vacation together, Judy received notification that she would be working alone at her volunteer position in the Cafe the Tuesday of their return. Nancy jumped at the opportunity to help her out that particular day.  Well, that day turned into the two of them volunteering together in the Cafe every Tuesday for the past six months and counting!


“While the Market was fun, I loved the idea of cooking as it has been almost a lifelong hobby to me”, shares Nancy. Judy nods her agreement, “We’ve shared recipes back and forth over the years and both love to eat!  It was just the right place for us”.


“Aside from the fun of getting to do volunteer work alongside my “bestie”, the enjoyment I get working at HOPE House is tremendous” says Nancy. “It only takes one person to come by and say thank you each week to put a huge smile on my face, so when we hear back from even more, well, the day is made!”

“I relish the personal interaction with the wide range of people dropping in every week,” Nancy continues. “ It is truly satisfying knowing we are able to provide both a nourishing breakfast and lunch to the communities’ most vulnerable.  I’m hoping that with the meals, coffee, and snacks provided that the lives of those we are servicing will be a bit more enriched, as I know mine is, by being able to help in this small way every week”.


“Everyone needs a lift up at some point/time in their live” states Judy. “We just can’t do life alone. We are all vulnerable at some point and time. That’s just life, so it’s a gift to be able to be that little lift up on Tuesday mornings. I believe that volunteering gives you a chance to focus on others instead of yourself and when you’re helping others you feel good about yourself. It’s a win/win”.

We couldn’t agree more. We definitely consider having loving friends such as Judy and Nancy a win for HOPE House!


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