Overdose Awareness Day: Remembering Those We’ve Lost

The staff and community members at HOPE House support and love folks who are dependent on substances.


Today we attended Overdose Awareness Day, just a 20 second walk from our location in the heart of downtown Guelph. Overdose and addiction affects us all and the ripple effect is tremendous. The quality of speakers and the highly emotional activist symbolism of the die-in deeply honoured our cherished and fallen community members.


We are thankful to Lloyd Longfield, who, though visibly moved by the day’s event, spoke with us briefly about the federal governments commitment to helping ease the opioid crisis and help addicts access safer substances.


“Raechelle Devereaux just spoke about supply and demand and we know the demand’s increasing and that’s affected by early childhood trauma and other things that turn people to using or suicide. What we’re looking at from the federal government is controlling supply because if you can make supply safer you can save lives.


It’s important to create safe use so that people aren’t poisoned by what gets added by people that are only looking at profit, that we can provide a safe source of supply so that we can control the impact on people’s lives so that we can then save them”.


Thank you to all the folks at ARCH, Guelph Community Health Centre, Sanguen Health Centre, and Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health for initiating and organizing this very meaningful and healing event.


We are so proud of and acknowledge the life-saving harm reduction work that is taking place in our community because of your efforts. 💜


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