Scrapgoat: Giver of HOPE Profile

Ed Ross is the founder of Scrapgoat, a service that collects scrap metal and wine and beer bottles then donates all monies made to help people living in poverty and fund the work that HOPE House does.


It all started while Ed was working at HOPE House as the maintenance person. He shares that he’d drive around and see different appliances and scrap left out by the side of the road. He started picking them up and taking them to the scrap metal dealer and donating the money to HOPE House. As he gradually educated himself on how to do this most efficiently he realized there is quite an art in getting the most bang for your buck from that metal because there are parts of those appliances that are worth more. For instance, aluminum is worth 5 times what steel is worth.


Eventually it grew to the point where Ed had to choose between the maintenance position or carrying on with Scrapgoat. Deciding that there are a lot people capable of doing the maintenance responsibilities, Ed chose to go with his passion for Scrapgoat.


Scrapgoat takes about 2-3 hours of Ed’s time every day and is an entirely voluntary position. Fuel, truck maintenance, labour, it’s all included. “I don’t want the paperwork” grins Ed.


Ed explains that businesses who give their scrap metal to Scrapgoat – like Huge L Steel, Kingma Auto Centre, and Eramosa Motors- can be issued a tax receipt by HOPE House if they want. For others it’s simply a free way to get scrap metal off their site because Ed doesn’t charge for this service, saving many businesses a lot of money and labour.


For  restaurants like Cusina, Majiida, Baker Street, The Wooly Pub, Aberfoyle Mill, Insomnia, and Robusta that don’t have the ability to take their bottles away or the beer company doesn’t like going up the stairs, the bottles ensure a guaranteed $500 a month for HOPE House.


Scrapgoat also picks up from private homeowners. The only thing he asks is that appliances be outside of the house where it’s accessible; not on the side of the road where anyone can grab it, but in front of the garage or somewhere where Ed can get at it without stairs.


So what does Scrapgoat collect? “Anything metal, mostly metal or that has a cord coming out of it” says Ed.  “Even if it is coated in plastic, inside has metal in order to be electrical. The other thing we take that you maybe don’t think of is 6 and 12 volt batteries, lead, which is almost 100% recyclable, and e-waste. E-waste includes computers, appliances like vacuum cleaners, toasters, anything with a core.


Also, I have a bin up at Lakeside Church open all of the time. There are also bins for pop bottles, tin cans and beer and wine bottles so you can bring it all by the church in the north end if you’re going by. If you’re doing renovations, ask the builder to set stuff aside and I’ll come pick up, just call me. Same thing if you’re moving and you don’t want certain things. As long as they’re mostly metal.”


Local businesses who may have appliances or bottles to donate can call or text Ed at 519-835-4791. Learn more about Scrapbook on Facebook. He’s available 7 days a week during daylight hours .


Become a Giver of HOPE and support the work of HOPE House on a monthly basis through Gift-in-Kind donations. Contact Jackie Keenan today.




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