Season of Giving: Christmas Hamper Beginnings

PresentWell the Christmas Season is once again upon us, and as per most years, we’ve been so excited for it that it has completely sprung up on us faster than we anticipated.

Christmas is such a special season here at HOPE House because this place started with a Christmas—actually with a Christmas Hamper to be more accurate.

Lakeside Church had long ago made the commitment to be involved in reaching out in their community and to those in need, so they began packaging and delivering Christmas Hampers. After years serving this way, and with a few more community outreach programs under their belt, Lakeside officially started HOPE House and sent us (the HOPE House team) off on our way to make sure we continued and grew this legacy of reaching out to the community with the values of compassion, dignity, choice and HOPE.

So it was a Christmas Hamper that started it all–it was seeing people served and moved by the acts of generosity during Christmas that laid the foundation for all that HOPE House has become.

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Family Prepares A Christmas Hamper

Christmas really is a time of giving, where we see such an outpouring of generosity from our friends, neighbours and from the community as a whole. We can’t begin to thank you for all of your support. So often though, the focus of Christmas giving is financial. This is a great way to give, but it is certainly not the only way to give.

You can give of your time and volunteer somewhere, you can give of yourself and perform an act of kindness, you can give the gift of a smile to a stranger or the gift of a listening ear to someone who needs to share. You can give a hug in support, a wink to encourage, or a joyful spirit to spread Christmas cheer. We all have something to give.

We hope that this Christmas season you feel inspired to give. You can absolutely give a Christmas to someone in need this season by sponsoring a hamper for a family or an individual (and we would love if you would come alongside us and partner in this way). But there are so many other ways to give as well. We HOPE you find the one that best celebrates the Christmas values you hold in your heart.

Happy Giving!

The HOPE House Team

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