Immediate Relief Programs

Food Market – At HOPE House we believe in both the power of food and the power of choice. Our Food Market allows community members the dignity of choosing their groceries through our innovative choice-based, bucks-based system. Much like going to the grocery store with a budget, community members walk through the aisles selecting the food and hygiene items which appeal to their needs.


HOPE Stylin’  – This program encompasses a free clothing bureau and a minimum cost hair salon operated by volunteer salon professionals. Hope Stylin’ is able to offer our community members pride in their appearance that may have previously been unavailable. Knowing the confidence that comes when people feel good about their appearance, this program allows our community members to empower themselves and feel great about how they look!


Café – Our daily café is a welcoming place that offers a light selection of food to provide nutrition and warmth for those in need. Hot coffee, tea and water are always available in the café for anyone who would like to drop in—come in and see us anytime!


Community Breakfast – Every Wednesday morning volunteers led by Community Living prepare a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, sausage and pancakes for approximately 80 -120 people. All are welcome!


Harvest of HOPE –  Crops grown at Ignatius Farm are used to supply the Food Market with fresh produce throughout the summer and fall months. Each year, we harvest more than 50,000 lbs of fresh produce, and because we cannot use it all, the surplus is donated and delivered to other local service providers through our HOPE in Motion delivery vehicles. This ensures that people accessing different service points throughout the city can get good-quality, farm fresh produce.


HOPE in Motion –  We bring large quantities of food and daily necessities into HOPE House for our community members using our cargo van and cube truck. We also help deliver HOPE to other service providers by sharing any overflow we have. It’s all about partnering with others so that HOPE can be multiplied throughout the city.


Ongoing Support Programs


Social Work Services  Our social support workers respond to the needs of HOPE House community members on a daily basis. They offer a variety of services including system navigation, crisis prevention and intervention, referrals, and healthy living education. 


Healthy Living Club – One club, four areas of concern: healthy eating; living on less; entertainment; and advocacy efforts. 


Circles® – Circles® is designed to help families living in poverty set goals and move towards independence. Through intentional, reciprocal relationships formed between low-income and middle-income families, we create a “circle” of support so that families looking to lead themselves out of poverty have the social and educational resources available to them to make this a reality.


Creative Outlets – We offer a number of arts based programs for community members to express themselves, develop self advocacy, build community, and learn new skills.

  • Yarn & Yap gives participants the opportunity to learn the art and therapeutic benefits of crochet.
  • Creative Connections offers non structured arts based activities in a welcoming and mutual support environment.
  • Chords of HOPE is our in house rhythm band. Community members reap the many benefits of music as they gather together in song. 


Special Projects


Eggpreneur – Eggpreneur is a social enterprise project of HOPE House working in remote Kenyan rural communities to build sustainable egg farming ventures that help families end the cycles of poverty.


The Guelph Community Backpack Project – We know when children are confident and prepared they go to school with a greater ability to learn, thus helping them break the cycle of poverty. Partnering with the Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition, HOPE House coordinated the collection, packing and distribution of over 1,100 backpacks and necessary school supplies for children and youth throughout the city.


HOPE for the Holidays – We believe that each person deserves a holiday filled with HOPE. That’s why, at HOPE House, we aim to not only provide Christmas Hampers to those families in need, but also a delicious Christmas brunch and an affordable Christmas market to create new holiday traditions with our community.


HOPE Smiles – HOPE Smiles is a program created through the partnership of Dr. Yabut Dentistry and HOPE House. Community members that volunteer or participate in Circles® are given the chance to receive up to $1,000 in free dental care each year allowing them to maintain good oral health.