Sponsor Spotlight on Compass Private Wealth of Raymond James

In just the past year Michael Nichols and the Compass Private Wealth of Raymond James Guelph team has been HOPE House’s lead sponsor for HOPE for the Holidays, the print sponsor for our annual report, and lead sponsor of Coldest Night of the Year – in which their entire team also walked!  


Needless to say, we deeply cherish their commitment and support of our special events as dedicated sponsors of HOPE House!


I had the immense pleasure of sitting down with Michael to learn more about his values and that of Compass Private Wealth of Raymond James to better understand their undeniable passion for giving back to the community through sponsorship.


Michael explains that Compass Private Wealth of Raymond James is all about individuals and families “That’s where our business is. It’s who we are. That’s who we work with.” He describes himself as a person of faith – “that’s very important to me and my family. Most important.” He also shares that he’s married and has three married children and six, soon to be eight, grandchildren. “I’m so blessed” he beams.  


Michael and family walking for Coldest Night of the Year 2018



When asked what community means to him, Michael shares that he believes God created us for community. “I think that community means something bigger than us, attaching ourselves to others who we can support and encourage and help and that’s really important to us.”  Imagine, we muse together, if everyone had that! We would all thrive because when we live with one another in community we can build off one another’s resources and strengths and we have more than enough when we can lean on one another. 


Belief in the power of community is really the core connection between Compass Private Wealth of Raymond James and HOPE House.


“Most of our team live locally and so we felt we needed to do something corporately to support the local community” says Michael. “Contacts and who we meet in life is very important. Through a church connection I met Jaya and fell in love with what HOPE House is doing”.


“One of the key factors in our personal giving is that everything we support must lead to self- sufficiency, it must also have a spiritual component. When we looked at it from a corporate perspective, we can’t preclude our personal beliefs from that. So when we saw the work that’s being done at HOPE House we found it meshed very well with what we want to accomplish. We’re looking to be a blessing for others because we’re blessed ourselves.”


Raymond James is one of the largest non-bank owned investment firms in Canada and about the 8th largest in the United States, the Guelph branch being one of the larger practices in Canada.


“I can’t take full credit,” shares Michael, “Raymond James Canada Foundation (RJCF) has partnered with us and deserves some of the credit and I wouldn’t want them to miss out on that. So, up to an amount for every dollar we put in, they also put in a dollar, so that’s pretty cool.”


Since the RJCF commenced operations in September 2012, the generosity of individual associates and corporate contributions have collectively directed more than $2,000,000 to support approximately 250 charitable causes in communities across the country, as well as disaster relief efforts at home and abroad. Learn more here: https://www.rjcfoundation.ca/about/about-raymond-james-canada-foundation


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