Stacy: April Volunteer of the Month

Stacy is the hands and feet of volunteer management at HOPE House. As a volunteer she has stepped up in a tremendous way to help our Immediate Relief Manager, who is immuno-compromised and can’t physically be at HOPE House during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Stacy is learning and has learned the subtleties and nuances of how to recognize the fit between what people want to do and the volunteer opportunities that we present and roles needed filling.



While holding the vision of what HOPE House wants to be, Stacy has the capability to help raise a person up to who and what they’re meant to be…to realizing their value through volunteerism.


We are so thankful for and proud of Stacy. She truly is a hero (with a faux-fur lined cape!) and we couldn’t be doing what we’re doing without her.


What brought you to HOPE House?


I originally came to HOPE House as a placement student from Conestoga College doing my practicum for the Social Service Worker program.  After my 5 week practicum, I loved HOPE House so much, I decided to stay on as a volunteer receptionist. After taking a pause in my schooling, in January 2020, I assumed the roll of Volunteer Program Assistant, working alongside the Immediate Relief Manager.


What do you like about volunteering at HOPE House?


I love the people at HOPE House – both the staff and the Community Members.  It is such a welcoming, judgement free place to be a part of. Everyone genuinely cares for one another and recognizes the inherent value and worth of each individual. By choosing to walk alongside our community members in their journeys, we see miracles every day.  That’s what keeps me coming back.


How have you seen HOPE House change lives?


I’ve seen so many examples of changed lives it’s hard to single out one or two. Whether it’s making someone’s day by giving them the box of Kraft Dinner they so desperately ask for or watching a community member go from homeless to housed to employed – that’s how HOPE House works – sometimes its the little things and sometimes its the bigger things that help community members thrive and grow.


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