The Far-Reaching Power of One Great Idea

Every year the terrific staff and patron’s of The Wooly Pub host a winter clothing drive for us and we love them for it. Today Cat and Caitlin came in with their donations and brought a surprising and delightful addition with them!
Waaaay back in the Spring the students at Victory Public School planted a pollinator garden. That’s cool. Even cooler is that the Grade 1 & 2 students collected and dried flowers from the garden and used them in making handmade soaps! The Grade 5 students joined in from a marketing perspective, figuring out what the soap would be worth on the market. The Wooly Pub and Victory Public School came together to sell the soaps with all monies from the sales going to the Grand River Conservation authority. Soooo great!
So where do we come in?
All soaps that did not get sold are now in the hygiene section of our Food Market. That’s AWESOME.

Handmade soaps by students at Victory Public School made with flowers from their pollinator garden.

Talk about building community! One great idea fostered by a terrific bunch of kids and their teachers has now reached into the community through 3 different organizations and dozens, maybe hundreds, of people!
Round of applause kiddos! A job well done. Thank you for your beautiful gifts.
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