The John’s: January Volunteers of the Month

Volunteers who work behind the scenes make a tremendous difference, though often it’s done with little bravado and much humility. At HOPE House those people are John McClintock and John Rogers, fondly referred to by us as “the John’s’.


Both are integral in the maintenance of the actual building, with John R. tending the monstrous boiler and John M. as our resident Mr. Fix-it – painting, patching, plumbing, all the little things that add up to a big contribution. John R. has also found a second niche here as friendly competition in a rousing game of chess or backgammon, providing much needed social interaction and companionship while playing games some of our community members love.


Both John’s are retired and enjoy giving back to community. Funny thing is, neither were directly drawn to HOPE House. Instead, both share, they were assured by others that they’d be a good fit here based on their skills. Turns out that’s what makes volunteering for the two of them so meaningful.


John R. says, “I enjoy working on the boiler and have been able to automate the supply of water to the secondary tank. I have been able to engage some of the visitors with challenging games of chess and backgammon.” John M. adds, “It feels good to give back”.


A strengths-based approach to volunteering, for us, is key. However, it’s not the only factor that has contributed to the dedication of the John’s’ volunteerism. Make no mistake, they appreciate putting their skills to good use, but they also volunteer with HOPE House because they believe in what we do. John M. states,


“What  I like most about volunteering at HOPE House is the friendly staff and volunteers and observing how well everyone works together as a team. I’ve seen how HOPE House makes a difference in their guests lives every time I am there to help out.  I am especially impressed with all the programs and services HOPE House has available for their guests to make a difference in their lives.” 



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