The Stone Store: Our friendly neighbour becomes Giver of HOPE

Holly Jones does a bit of everything at The Stone Store – helping with cash, customer assistance, ordering, displays, stocking – and has for the past 11 years. But to HOPE House, Holly goes the extra mile for our community. See, Holly initiated a donation program between The Stone Store and HOPE House this winter that’s going strong and is mutually beneficial to both organizations.


“It’s really a two-pronged initiative. First, we believe in waste reduction as an environmental initiative. Second, HOPE House is a place that can use the goods that aren’t selling or that are short-dated. We basically donate anything we think HOPE House could use, primarily food. We give a lot of refrigerated and non-refrigerated short-dated food.  It’s organic and locally sourced and we think everyone deserves access to those types of food. Helping people who are less fortunate is important to us.”


The distance between the two organizations is, undoubtedly, ultra-convenient! “It’s the perfect fit for us. It’s very easy for us to just zip across the street with a shopping cart once a week” grins Holly.


This ability for Holly to physically come to HOPE House really puts her initiative into perspective. She actually gets to visit with and come face to face with the people who are directly benefiting from The Stone Store’s contributions.


“Just the work that HOPE House does for a lot of people that are otherwise, well, invisible to a lot of us. We don’t see a lot of the people that are tucked behind the walls at HOPE House. I’ve been in the main Café and Food Market and it helps me to understand to whom the food is going, those that need the food the most”.


The Stone Store’s frequent donations make them a cherished Giver of HOPE. Givers of HOPE are corporations and organizations who support our mission through (minimum) monthly Gift-in-Kind donations.


The Stone Store has been in business for over 45 years. From the very beginning they’ve always had a focus on the environment. The Stone Store started as a co-op offering mostly bulk foods and over the years has expanded to offer a wide selection of natural and organic foods. This includes produce, supplements, personal care products, package and bulk foods, dairy and bread. They also carry gluten free and vegan products. Their emphasis is on organic, fair trade and local.


Become a Giver of HOPE and support the work of HOPE House on a monthly basis through Gift-in-Kind donations. Contact Jackie Keenan today.


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