Walkers Raise $75,335 During Coldest Night of the Year!

The energy was tangible as over 250 people gathered together in the Guelph Armoury on the evening of February 24. The regiment bustled about, assisting with sound and chairs, working tirelessly to ensure that the Coldest Night of the Year event went off without a hitch. 


Dozens of volunteers greeted teams of participants while reception volunteers orientated everyone and handed out cool swag such as hats and buttons. The photo-booth buzzed with teams hunkering together to capture their collective enthusiasm.


The Opening Ceremonies drew us all together with commentary about the urgent need of community support for those surviving poverty from our Executive Director, Jaya James, Mayor Guthrie, MP Lloyd Longfield, and Captain Johnson.


We stretched (and I mean, we STRETCHED – any of you who were there know what I’m talking about!) with an enthusiastic team from Crossfit 1827 to pumping music…


…and then we were off!


Some of us walked 2km, others 5km and a motivated few did 10km! I, personally, remember crossing the pedestrian bridge between Wyndham and Arthur streets thinking, “It’s dark now. I’ve been walking for over an hour, but what if I had to do this all night?” I turn to my friends and share my thoughts. We all grow quiet for a while. And there it is, right? A hint of what people who are homeless experience night after night, all winter long.


We thank everyone who joined us February 24th in raising an incredible $75, 335 to help Guelph’s most vulnerable access critical immediate and ongoing relief programs. Your time and energy is so appreciated! We HOPE to see you again next year during the Coldest Night of the Year!


Check out this amazing photo gallery by SnapdGuelph and the terrific highlight reel below for more great memories from the walk!


Thanks to all participants, sponsors and volunteers for your support.
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