World Food Day

World Food DayToday is World Food Day—a day set aside to help increase the awareness surrounding food insecurity and poverty. Started by the UN in 1945 and now observed annually, World Food Day inspires men and women to help those in need and to be part of creative solutions that inspire change throughout our world.

Poverty is often a difficult issue to discuss because it is hard to pinpoint exact reasons why there is so much poverty in the world—it differs from place to place and often stems from a variety or combination of (often intangible) reasons (i.e. exploitation, corruption, oppression, war, economic model or climate, mental illness etc.)

And yet we know poverty and food insecurity to be very tangible things that affects people both globally and locally. Even in Guelph 1 in 8 individuals (approx.) struggle with one or both of these issues, seeking help from the community and service providers to help meet their needs.

Poverty, food security, health, wellness and community are all inter-related issues, inextricably linked together, and as such it is important that we as a community engage with the process of finding solutions to address poverty to build a better Guelph; the  liveliness and wellness of our community is attached the livelihood and wellness of each of our individual citizens. We cannot say we are a fully healthy community if we still have so many who struggle with their wellbeing.

Today, we want nothing more than to let you know that poverty is a very real issue—we see it at HOPE House everyday in various forms, for various reasons, from a multitude of different individuals. The solutions aren’t simple, they are often not obvious, but each and every one of us can help be part of the work being done in the fight to end hunger.

IMG_0915HOPE House wants to be part of the discussion for creative solutions—how we can we address poverty and food security not only on an immediate basis but also in the long-term. How can we better help individuals and create sustainable solutions which help move them beyond immediate need. We hope you will take the time to look at our programs and what they offer our community ( and we hope that you will find a way to get involved in the fight against poverty and hunger. It is something we are very passionate about and we HOPE you will be too!

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